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Neapolitan, Roman, wholegrain, pizza bread

Leaving our guests the choice of the dough was the first goal during our planning phase. As such, our pizza chefs are ready to satisfy all palates. For the lovers of the soft crust we offer the Neapolitan, for those who prefer it thin and crunchy there is the Roman option, and the wholegrain for those who prefer these flours. But it doesn’t stop here because we have a new delicious addition coming out of our oven: the pizza bread; soft, tall, enveloping and delicious. Particularly hydrated, it is perfect to combine with the ingredients selected to exalt its peculiarity: pastrami, stracciatella of burrata cheese, beef tongue, hummus, cheese, roast-beef. A real guilty pleasure to share with friends, thanks to the social size which we also offer.

All the doughs are highly digestible, prepared with raw materials of excellence, high quality flours, sourdough and long rising times which take climatic circumstances into account.

What will be the list? Classics such as funghi, napoletana, capricciosa and margherita, as well as the ones topped with seasonal vegetables and those combined with products of excellence. The menu will include around 30 pizzas, among white, red, focaccias and pizza bread. Our oven will not lack homages to traditional cuisine, such as the pizza gricia and the pizza parmigiana, as well as the starters of deep fried foods and bruschettas.

Four kinds of doughs

Roman dough
Thin and crunchy, once baked this type of dough creates a porousness which is characterized by series of micro-holes which make up the crust of the pizza. This is representative of its lightness and digestibility.

Neapolitan dough
Prepared with high quality white flour, the pizza has a 1-2cm thick doughy crust. Its soft consistency doesn’t allow for the slice to stay firm when it is held in ones hand.

Wholegrain dough
An homage to the research of ancient flavours. The dough is prepared with wholegrain flours, less refined and more rich in nutritive elements for our organisms, such as fiber.

Pizza bread
The pizza bread is the newest addition, characterized by a soft dough and a taste which recalls bread. A blend that is wanted and sought-after by our pizza chefs, for our guests to experience a new way of eating pizza.


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