Even the oldest liquors can shed old skin

Liquor Bar is the alcoholic soul of Sant’Alberto, a project created by our best bartender. It is the very counter of the Liquor Bar that welcomes the clients, from the aperitivo time up until after dinner. Our philosophy is to give new lifeblood to historical liquors, proposing them in their different versions: classic, pre-batched (pre-blended cocktails with an addition of liquor), twist on classic (the great classics shedding their old skin, thanks to the new blend created by the barman). All cocktails are also offered in their to-go version.

The protagonist of the Liquor Bar is the Amaro Sant’Alberto, a liquor produced exclusively for the bar, based on an infuse of aromatic herbs and orange and mandarin peals. Ideal as a digestive, with its soft taste characterized by organolepetic characteristics that are perfect for the end of a meal. To be enjoyed straight or with ice and a slice of orange.

The beverage menu includes over 70 companies, ones that have made Italy’s liquor history as well as others, including: Alpestre, Bénédictine, Chartreuse verde, Drambuie e Rabarbaro Zucca.


4 year reserve, made following a secret recipe which uses 34 herbs, with no added sugars or other additives.


Made by the most ancient certified distillery, which has already been active for over 400 years. The preparation is rather complicated and requires the separate infusion of the 130 herbs that make it up.


Exquisite Whisky-based distillate, result of a blend of refined Scottish aged whiskeys, warm honey and various secret ingredients.

Rabarbaro Zucca

This drink, considered a classic for appetizers but also for after the meal, takes its name from its inventor Ettore Zucca who, passionate about digestives and liquors in general, decided to create one that satisfied his own needs.


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