Pizza: an essential dish

The Pizzeria & Liquor Bar Sant’Alberto is born from a desire and will to respect tradition, without overlooking new techniques and the research of top-quality ingredients. The use of seasonal raw materials is enabled by the constant rotation of pizzas on the menu.

Taking its name from the patron Saint of pizza chefs, Sant’Alberto offers clients the possibility of choosing among four kinds of doughs: classic Neapolitan, wholegrain Neapolitan, Roman and pizza bread.

30 choices of pizza, between reds, whites, focaccias and pizza breads.

Making strict use of high quality flour, sourdough and long rising times that take climatic circumstances into account.  The traditional pizzas on the menu, both with and without tomato sauce, are available in the Roman version – thin and crunchy; the Neapolitan– thick and soft crust and, as an homage to traditional flavours, the wholegrain Neapolitan.



Pick your dough



The Pizzeria & Liquor Bar Sant’Alberto was thought up with one single goal: satisfying clients by respecting traditional recipes, offering a choice of four different doughs. High quality ingredients, selected flours and long rising times are only some of the the many small details necessary for a good pizza.


Liquor Bar

The innovation of this project is characterized by the co-location of the Liquor Bar, found at the entrance of the restaurant. Here customers will have a choice of liquors by over 70 different companies. The bar offers all types of liquor to be enjoyed at the end of the meal, alone or with dessert: whisky, rum, grappa, amaro, vodka, gin, cognac and many more.


Unique liquor list

The liquor bar is a project of our best bartender. Amaro, grappa and whiskey are only some of the numerous liquors that the pizzeria & liquor bar offers. The liquors are by over 70 companies; all of unique flavors and ingredients, some of which are also secret.

L’Amaro Sant’Alberto

The protagonist of the liquor bar will be the Amaro Sant’Alberto. This is a liquor based on an infuse of aromatic herbs and mandarin and orange peel. These ingredients make for a great, delicate-tasting digestive with noticeable characteristics that please the palate by releasing unique aromas and smells. Best enjoyed straight or with ice and a slice of orange.


Via del Pigneto 46, 00176 Roma


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